Liquid and optical fibre light guides

Joule Meter

  • Energy meter
  • Pyro-electric sensors measure pulses up to 2 ms
  • Conversion of a pulse of light into a voltage pulse

Integrator IG-10

This module is designed to measure the overall light energy over a sequence or train of pulses, but also of a single pulse. After a specified time given by an external pulse a voltage is generated, which is proportional to the light energy and which can be read by a data acquisition system or displayed on an oscilloscope.

  • Integrator
  • Measurement of overall light energy


  • Photo diode assembly
  • Measurement of the light energy and pulse shape
  • The calibrated PDA is routinely supplied with the system JML-C2
  • The light guide is directly attached to the PDA
  • It can be directly connected to an oscilloscope via a BNC connector and allows measurement of the light energy and pulse shape
  • For the other systems the PDA is optional
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