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NWG Göttingen 2019
13th meeting of the German Neuroscience Society

Mar 20-23, 2019, Göttingen, Germany
Booth No. 8


SFN - Neuroscience 2019
50th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience

Oct 19-23, 2019, Chicago, IL, USA
Booth No. 1468


BPS San Diego 2020
64th annual meeting of the Biophysical Society

Feb 15-19, 2020 San Diego, CA, USA
Booth No. 710

Electrophysiology / Imaging

Kukley M, Nishiyama A, Dietrich D (2010)
The Fate of Synaptic Input to NG2 Glial Cells: Neurons Specifically Downregulate Transmitter Release onto Differentiating Oligodendroglial Cells
J Neuroscience, 30(24): 8320-8331
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Kochubey O, Han Y, Schneggenburger R (2009)
Developmental regulation of the intracellular Ca2+ sensitivity of vesicle fusion and Ca2+-secretion coupling at the rat calyx of Held
J Physiol Vol. 587, No. 12, 3009–3023
Equipment used: flash lamp system SP-20

Bönigk W, Loogen A, Seifert R, Kashikar N, Klemm C, Krause E, Hagen V, Kremmer E, Strünker T, Kaupp UB (2009)
An Atypical CNG Channel Activated by a Single cGMP Molecule Controls Sperm Chemotaxis
Science Signaling, Vol. 2 Issue 94, ra68
Equipment used: flash lamp system DP-10

Pifferi S, Dibattista M, Sagheddu C, Boccaccio A, Al Qteishat A, Ghirardi F, Tirindelli R, Menini A (2009)
Calcium-activated chloride currents in olfactory sensory neurons from mice lacking bestrophin-2
J Physiol Vol. 587, No. 17, 4265–4279
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Cai H, Reim K, Varoqueaux F, Tapechum S, Hill K, Sørensen JB, Brose N, Chow RH (2008)
Complexin II plays a positive role in Ca2+ -triggered exocytosis by facilitating vesicle priming
PNAS, Vol. 105, No. 49, 19538-19543
Equipment used: flash lamp system XF-10

Bendels MHK, Beed P, Leibold C, Schmitz D, Johenning FW (2008)
A novel control software that improves the experimental workflow of scanning photostimulation experiments
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 175, 44-57
Equipment used: Spot illumination module for the Olympus BX51; 1W UV laser DPSL-355/1000

Karatekin E, Viet VS, Huet S, Fanget I, Cribier S, Henry J-P (2008)
A 20-nm Step toward the Cell Membrane Preceding Exocytosis may correspond to Docking of Tethered Granules
Biophysical Journal Vol. 94, 2891-2905
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Hagenston AM, Fitzpatrick JS, Yeckel MF (2008)
MGluR-Mediated Calcium Waves that Invade the Soma Regulate Firing in Layer V Medial Prefrontal Cortical Pyramidal Neurons
Cerebral Cortex 18(2):407-423
Equipment used: Spot illumination module for the Olympus BX51

Tran VS, Huet S, Fanget I, Cribier S, Henry J-P, Karatekin E (2007)
Characterization of sequential exocytosis in a human neuroendocrine cell line using evanescent wave microscopy and "virtual trajectory" analysis
Eur Biophys J 37: 55-69
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Wölfel M, Lou X, Schneggenburger R (2007)
A Mechanism Intrinsic to the Vesicle Fusion Machinery Determines Fast and Slow Transmitter Release at a Large CNS Synapse
J Neuroscience 27(12), 3198-3210
Equipment used: flash lamp system SP-20

Wadel K, Neher E, Sakaba T (2007)
The Coupling beween Synaptic Vesicles and Ca2+ Channels Determines Fast Neurotransmitter Release
Neuron 53, 563-575
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2 plus coupling to the laser

Hong M, Ross WN (2007)
Priming of intracellular calcium stores in rat CA1 pyramidal neurons
J Physiol 584.1: 75–87
Equipment used: Spot illumination module for the Olympus BX50 and UVILED

Jin Y, Kim SJ, Kim J, Worley PF, Linden DJ (2007)
Long-Term Depression of mGluR1 Signaling
Neuron 55, 277-287
Equipment used: Spot illumination module for the Olympus BX51

Boccaccio A, Menini A (2007)
Temporal Development of Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated and Ca2+-Activated Cl- Currents in Isolated Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons
J Neurophysiol 98: 153-160
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Sobie EA, Kao JPY, Lederer WJ (2007)
Novel approach to real-time flash photolysis and confocal [Ca2+] imaging
Eur J Physiol 454:663-673
Equipment used: Spot illumination module for the Zeiss Axiovert200.

Nache V, Kusch J, Hagen V, Benndorf K (2006)
Gating of cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNGA1) channels by cGMP jumps and depolarizing voltage steps
Biophysj. 90(9), 3146-54

Canepari M, Ogden D (2006)
Kinetic, pharmacological and activity-dependent separation of two Ca2+ signalling pathways mediated by type 1 metabotropic glutamate receptors in rat Purkinje neurones
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2
J. Physiol. 573, 65-83

Boccaccio A, Lagostena L, Hagen V, Menini A (2006)
Fast Adaptation in Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons Does Not Require the Activity of Phosphodiesterase
J. Gen. Physiol., Vol. 128, 171-184
To study odorant adaption using patch-clamp recording cyclic nucleotides and Ca2+ were photolytically released from their respective caged precursors using flash lamp system JML-C2.

Schubert D, Kötter R, Luhmann HJ, Staiger JF (2006)
Morphology, Electrophysiology and Functional Input Connectivity of Pyramidal Neurons Characterizes a Genuine Layer Va in the Primary Somatosensory Cortex
Cerebral Cortex;16:223--236
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Strünker T, Weyand I, Bönigk W, Van Q, Loogen A, Brown JE, Kashikar N, Hagen V, Krause E, Kaupp UB (2006)
A K+-selective cGMP-gated ion channel controls chemosensation of sperm
Nat Cell Biol. 2006 Oct;8(10):1149-54
To study chemotaxis of sperm cyclic-GMP and cAMP were photolytiacally released caged precursors using flash lamp system JML-C2.

2000 - 2005

Ullrich ND, Voets T, Prenen J, Vennekens R, Talavera K, Droogmans G, Nilius B (2005)
Comparison of functional properties of the Ca2+-activated cation channels TRPM4 and TRPM5 from mice
Cell Calcium, Vol. 37, 267-278
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Adesnik H, Nicole RA & PM England (2005)
Photoinactivation of native AMPA receptors reveals their real-time trafficking.
Neuron 48, 977-985
In this study on AMPA receptors caged glutamate and the antagonist ANQX was photolytically released using the UV-laser UVILA and the spot illumination module for the Olympus BX-51.

Sakaba T, Stein A, Jahn R, Neher E (2005)
Distinct kinetic changes in neurotransmitter release after SNARE protein cleavage
Science Vol 309, 491-494

MacMillan D, Chalmers S, Muir TC, McCarron JG (2005)
IP3-mediated Ca2+ increases do not involve the ryanodine receptors, but ryanodine receptor antagonists reduce IP 3-mediated Ca2+ increases in guinea-pig colonic smooth muscle cells
J. Physiol. 569.2, 533-544

Nache V, Schulz E, Zimmer T, Kusch J, Biskup Ch, Koopmann R, Hagen V, Benndorf K (2005)
Activation of olfactory-type cyclic nucleotide-gated channels is highly cooperative
J Physiol 569.1, 91-102

Lou X, Scheuss V, Schneggenburger R (2005)
Allosteric modulation of the presynaptic Ca²+ sensor for vesicle fusion
Nature 435, 497-501

Zheng Jj, Lee S, Zhou ZJ (2004)
A Developmental Switch in the Excitability and Function of the Starburst Network in the Mammalian Retina
Neuron, Vol.44, 851-864
In this study patch-clamp recording and Ca-imaging were combined with flash photlysis of DM-nitrophen using Spot illumination module.

Canepari M, Auger C, Ogden D (2004)
Ca2+ Ion Permeabilty and Single-Channel Properties of the Metabotropic Slow EPSC of Rat Purkinje Neurons
Journal of Neuroscience, 24(14), 3563-3573

Wan Q-F, Dong Y, Yang H, Lou X, King J, Xu T (2004)
Protein Kinase Activation Increases Insulin Secretion by Sensitizing the Secretory Machinery to CA2+
J. Gen. Physiol. 124: 653-662

Kurtz R (2004)
Ca2+ Clearance in Visual Motion-Sensitive Neurons of the Fly Studied In Vivo by Sensory Stimulation and UV Photolysis of Caged Ca?+,
J Neurophysiol 92, 458-467
Ca-imaging was combined with flash photolysis of caged-Ca2+ using flash lamps system, Spot illumination module and thin quartz ligh guides of 100 or 200µm respectively.

Duguid IC, Smart TG (2004)
Retrograde activation of presynaptic NMDA receptors enhances GABA release at cerebellar interneuron-Purkinje cell synapses,
Nature Neuroscience, Vol. 7, 525-533

Thoreson W B, Rabl K, Townes-Anderson E, Heidelberger R (2004)
A Highly Ca²+-Sensitive Pool of Vesicles Contributes to Linearity at the Rod Photoreceptor Ribbon Synapse
Neuron 42, 595-605

Frère S G A, Lüthi A (2003)
Pacemaker channels in mouse thalamocortical neurones are regulated by distinct pathways of cAMP synthesis
J Physiol 554, 111-125

Felmy F, Neher E, Schneggenburger R (2003)
Probing the intracellular calcium sensitivity of transmitter release during synaptic facilitation.
Neuron. Mar 6;37(5):801-11

Wölfel M & R Schneggenburger (2003)
Presynaptic capacitance measurements and Ca2+ uncaging reveal submillisecond exocytosis kinetics and characterize the Ca2+ sensitivity of vesicle pool depletion at a fast CNS synapse
J Neurosci 23, 7059-7068

Kurtz R, Rapp G & M Egelhaaf (2003)
In vivo manipulation of Ca2+ regulation in visual motion-sensitive neurons of the fly by flash photolysis of caged Ca2+ chelators
Abstract Göttingen Neurobiology Meeting 2003

Sørensen JB, Fernández-Cacon R, Südhof TC, Neher E (2003)
Examining Synaptotagmin 1 Function in Dense Core Vesicle Exocytosis under Direct Control of Ca2+
J. Gen. Physiol. 122: 265-276

Schuber D, Kötter, Zilles K, Luhmann HJ, Staiger JF (2003)
Cell Type-Specific Circuits of Cortical Layer IV Spiny Neurons
J Neuroscience, 23(7):2961–2970
Equipment used: flash lamp system JML-C2

Schmid S & M Weber (2002)
Neurons of the superior olivary complex do not excite startle-mediated neurons in the caudal pontine reticular formation
NeuroReport 13, 2223- 2227

Jianhua X, Yemei X,  Ellis-Davies G R C, Augustine G J, Tse F W. (2002)
Differential regulation of exocytosis by a- and b-SNAPs
J. Neurosci. 22(1): 53-61.

Renstrom E, Barg S, Thevenod F, Rorsman P. (2002)
Sulfonylurea-Mediated Stimulation of Insulin Exocytosis via an ATP-Sensitive K(+) Channel-Independent Action.
Diabetes. 51 Suppl 1:S33-6.

Bradley K.N., Flynn E.R.M., Muir, T.C., &McCarron J.G. (2002).
Ca2+ regulation in guinea pig colonic smooth muscle: the role of the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger and the sarcoplasmic reticulum.
J. Physiol. 538, 465-482.

Ng Y-K, Lu X, Watkins S C, Ellis-Davies G C R, Levitan E S. (2002)
Nerve growth factor-induced differentiation changes the cellular organization of regulated peptide release by PC12 cells.
J Neurosci. 22(10): 3890-97.

Flynn, E.R.M., Bradley K.N., Muir T.C. & McCarron J.G. (2001).
Functionally-separate intracellular Ca2+ stores in smooth muscle.
J. Biol. Chem. 276 36411-36418.

Lagostena L, Mammano F. (2001)
Intracellular calcium dynamics and membrane conductance changes evoked by Deiters' cell purinoceptor activation in the organ of Corti.
Cell Calcium 29(3):191-198

Lagostena L, Ashmore JF, Kachar B and F Mammano (2001)
Purinergic control of intercellular communication between Hensen's cells of the guinea-pig cochlea.
J of Physiol 2001; 531(3):693-706

Bradlesy K.N., Flynn E.R.M., Muir, T.C., &McCarron J.G. (2002).
Ca2+ regulation in guinea pig colonic smooth muscle: the role of the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger and the sarcoplasmic reticulum.
J. Physiol. 538, 465-482.

Lancaster B, Hu H, Ramakers GMJ & JF Storm (2001)
Interaction between synaptic excitation and slow AHP current in rat hippocampal pyramidal cells.
J Physiol. 536(3):809-23.

Koshimoto T, Liu T T, Ninomya Y, Takaogi H,  Ellis-Davies G.C.R., Miyashita Y & Kasai H. (2001)
Ion selectivites of the Ca(2+) sensors for exocytosis in rat phaeochromocytoma cells.
J. Physiol. 533(3):627-637.

Barg S, Ma X, Eliasson L, Galvanovskis J, Gopel SO, Obermuller S, Platzer J, Renstrom E, Trus M, Atlas D, Striessnig J, Rorsman P. (2001)
Fast exocytosis with few Ca(2+) channels in insulin-secreting mouse pancreatic B cells.
Biophys J.  81(6):3308-23.

Chen P, Hwang TC, Gillis K D. (2001)
The relationship between cAMP, Ca(2)+, and transport of CFTR to the plasma membrane.

J Gen Physiol. 118(2):135-44

Schneggenburger R & E Neher. (2000)
Intracellular calcium dependence of transmitter release rates at a fast central synapse.
Nature 406, 889-893

Rupnik M, Kreft M, Sikdar S K, Grilic S, Romih R, Zupancic G, Martin T F J and Zorec R (2000).
Rapid regulated dense-core vesicle exocitosis requires the CAPS protein.
PNAS 97, 5627-5632.

Wie S, Xu T, Ashery U, Kollewe A, Matti U, Antonin W, Rettig & E Neher (2000)
Exocytotic mechanism studied by truncated and zero layer mutants of the C-terminus of SNAP-25.
EMBO J 19, 1279-1289

Ashery U, Varaqueaux F, Voets T, Betz A, Thakur P, Koch H, Neher E, Brose N & J Rettig (2000)
Munc13-1 acts as a priming factor for large dense-core vesicles in bovine chromaffin cells.
EMBO J 19, 3586-3596

McCarron JG, Flynn ERM, Bradley KN & TC Muir (2000)
Two Ca2+ entry pathways mediate the InsP3-sensitive store refilling in guineapig colonic smooth muscle.
J Physiol 525.1, 113-124

Lancaster B & AM Batchelor (2000)
Novel activation of BAPTA series chelators on intrinsic K+ currents in rat hippocampal neurons.
J Physiol 522.2, 231-246

1988 - 1999

Lüthi A & DA McCormick (1999)
Ca2+-mediated up-regulation of Ich in the thalamus. In: Molecular and Functional Diversity of Ion Channels and Receptors.
Vol 868 of the Annals of the New York Acad Sciences, pp 765-769

McCarron JG, Muir TC. (1999)
Mitochondrial regulation of the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration and the InsP3-sensitive Ca2+ store in guinea-pig colonic smooth muscle.
J Physiol. 516 ( Pt 1):149-61.

Lüthi A & DA McCormick (1999)
Ca2+-mediated up-regulation of Ich in the thalamus. In: Molecular and Functional Diversity of Ion Channels and Receptors.
Vol 868 of the Annals of the New York Acad Sciences, pp 765-769

Barg S, Renström E, Berggren PO, Bertorello A, Bokvist K, Braun M,  Eliasson L, Holmes WE, Kohler M, Rorsman P, Thevenod F.(1999)
The stimulatory action of tolbutamide on Ca2+-dependent exocytosis in pancreatic beta cells is mediated by a 65-kDa mdr-like P-glycoprotein.
PNAS. 96(10):5539-44.

Wiser O, Trus M, Hernandez A, Renstrom E, Barg S, Rorsman P, Atlas D. (1999)
The voltage sensitive Lc-type Ca2+ channel is functionally coupled to the exocytotic machinery.
PNAS. 96(1):248-53.

Kasai, H., Kishimoto, T., Liu, T-T., Miyashita, Y., Podini,P., Grohovaz, F. & Meldolesi, J. (1999).
Mutiple and diverse forms of regulated exocytosis revealed in wild-type and defective PC12 cells.
PNAS 96, 945-949.

Takahashi,N., Kadowaki, T.,  Yazaki,Y., Ellis-Davies, G.C.R., Miyashita, Y. & Kasai, H.  (1999).
Post-priming actions of ATP on Ca2+-dependent exocytosis in pancreatic beta cells.
PNAS 96, 760-765.

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Coordination of agonist-induced Ca(2+)- signaling patterns by NAADP in pancreatic cells.
Nature 398: 74-76.

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Ca2+ entry in CHO cells, after Ca2+ stores depreltion, is mediated by arachidonic acid.
Cell Calcium 24, 293-304

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Mechanisms underlying phasic and sustained secretion in chromaffin cells from mouse adrenal slices.
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Early requirement for a-SNAP and NSF in the secretory cascade in chromaffin cells.
EMBO J 18, 3293-3304

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Two-dimensional determination of the cellular Ca2+ binding in bovine chromaffin cells.
Biophys J 75, 1635-1647

Haller M, Heinemann C, Chow RH, Heidelberger R & E Neher (1998)
Comparison of secretory responses as measured by membrane capacitance and amperometry.
Biophys J 74, 2100-2113

Heidelberger R (1998)
Adenosine triphosphate and the late steps in calcium dependent exocytosis at a ribbon synapse.
J Gen Physiol 111, 225-241

Neher E (1998)
Vesicle pools and Ca2+ microdomains: New tools for understanding their roles in neurotransmitter release.
Neuron 20, 389-399

Xu T, Binz T, Niemann H & E Neher (1998)
Multiple kinetic components of exocytosis distinguished by neurotoxin sensitivity.
Nature Neuroscience 1, 192-200

Lüthi A, McCormick DA (1998)
Modulation of pacemaker current through Ca2+- induced stimulation of cAMP production.
Nature Neuroscience 2, 634-641

Lüthi A & DA McCormick (1998)
Periodicity of thalamic synchronized oscillations: The role of Ca2+- mediated upregulation of Ih.
Neuron 20, 553-563

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Activation of heterologously expressed Drosophila TRPL channels: Ca2+ is not required and InsP3 is not sufficient.
Cell Calcium. 24(3):153-63.

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Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate- and ryanodine-sensitive Ca2+ release channel dependent Ca2+ signalling in rat portal vein myocytes.
Cell Calcium 23, 303-311

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Effect of a 14-day hindlimb suspension on cytosolic Ca2+ concentration in rat portal vein myocytes.
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L-type calcium current activation in cultured human myotubes.
J Muscle Res and Cell Motil 18, 353-367

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L-type and Ca2+ release channel-dependent hierarchical Ca2+ signalling in rat portal vein myocytes.
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Myofibrillar relaxation is impaired in canine experimental heart failure.
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J Gen Phys 109, 741-756

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Glucagon-like peptide 1 (7-36) amide stimulates exocytosis in human pancreatic ß-cells by both proximal and distal regulatory steps in stimulus-secretion coupling.
Diabetes 47, 57-65

Heidelberger R & G Matthews (1997)
A requirement for MgATP in endocytosis and pool refilling, but not in late steps of exocytosis.
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Kinetic diversity in the fusion of exocytotic vesicles.
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