Illumination Systems

LED & Bulb Systems

LED and Bulb Light Sources for Direct Illumination or for Widefield Microscopy Illumination

We cover a broad portfolio of LED-  and bulb-based widefield light sources in the visible (VIS) and UV-range fitting to all models of major microscope brands and suiting your applications.

The following widefield systems are available:

  • KSL2 Wavelength specific LED illumination system
  • UVILEDUV LED illumination system
  • UVICO-2UV and VIS buld illumination system
  • FuraLED Fura dye illumination system
  • OptoScan Monochromator illumination system

Laser Systems

Laser Systems for Spot and Widefield Illumination

We offer a broad range of continuous wave and pulsed laser light sources in the UV, visible and IR range fitting the all devices of our product portfolio.

The following laser systems are available:

Flash Lamp Systems

White Light Source with a High Pulse Energy

Flash lamp systems are light sources characterized by high energy light flashes in the millisecond and microsecond range combined with a high repetition rate.

The following flash lamp systems are available:

  • JML-C2 – High energy flash lamp system with ms single pulse
  • SP-20 – High energy flash lamp system with µs single pulse