Microscopy and Imaging

Multi-Photon Microscopy

Deep Tissue Imaging

Multi-photon microscopy has a larger penetration depth into the sample tissue than single-photon methods and an improved resolution along the optical axis.

The following multi-photon systems are available:

  • MOM®Movable Objective Microscope system
  • DF-ScopeTMMulti-photon imaging package for upright microscopes


Material Analysis and Direct Chemical Imaging

A Raman microscope is a laser-based microscopic instrument for materials analysis. It is used to determine vibrational modes of samples by Raman spectroscopy and enables further techniques such as photoluminescence. All microscopes can be customized upon request.

The following Raman microscopes are available:

XperRAM CMicro Raman system

• XperRAM S – Micro Raman system

• XperRF – Hybrid Micro Raman system

• XperRAM M – Macro Raman system


Imaging Below 330 nm

Standard microscopes do not transmit light below approximately 330 nm due to low transmission of their optics and objectives at these wavelengths.
Rapp OptoElectronic provides the solutions.

Spinning Disk Microscopy

Camera-Based Fast Confocal Imaging

Spinning disk systems are camera-based setups enabling fast spatial and temporal confocal imaging of living samples as well as fixed samples.

The spinning disk portfolio comprises:

  • X-Light V2 – Spinning disk  setup with one camera port

Further Microscopy

Further Advanced Microscopy Systems

Based on our broad microscopy product portfolio, we offer further systems for your daily research or your specific field of application.

Our product portfolio comprises additionally:

  • BOBTMOpen design upright microscope
  • SOM®Simple moving microscope
  • openFrame – Open-source inverted microscope platform