Microscope Accessories

Optical Couplings

Customization of the Optical Beampath

Our optical beampath components enable the adjustment of your beampath to your experimental needs.

The following optical couplings are available:

  • IX3-BreadboardCustomized Deck Solution for Olympus IX3 inverted microscopes (IX73/ IX83)
  • FC-70 Series – Beam combination cube for multiple light sources
  • LGA Liquid Light Guide Adapter

Camera Adapter

Adaptation of up to Four Cameras

For fast multi-channel acquisition of the whole field of view a multi-camera setup is required. Therefore, we offer a broad range of multi-camera adapters.

The following camera adapters are available:

  • IX3-CAMBack port single camera adapter for Olympus IX3
  • TwinCam  – Dual camera adapter
  • MultiCam  – Four-way camera adapter

Image Splitter

Simultaneous Multi-Channel Imaging with a Single Camera

For simultaneous fast multi-channel acquisition of a small area within the field of view requires only an image splitter connected to one camera. The device allows the detection of more than one wavelength on one camera sensor by splitting the emission light path.

The following image splitters are available: