Deep UV Microscopy

Standard microscopes do not transmit light below ca. 320 nm due to the low transmission of their optics and objectives at these wavelengths. For applications like:


  • imaging and/or fluorescence excitation below 320 nm
  • DNA damage and repair studies at 266 nm
  • photoactivation
  • measurement of spatially resolved UV absorption spectra (OSD)


we offer a complete solution, including:


  • modification of the microscope pathway to transmit deep-UV wavelengths
  • quartz objectives
  • dichroic mirrors suitable for UV
  • light sources
  • UV-sensitive cameras



Figure 1. Deep-UV modification of the fluorecence and transmitted light paths (magenta) of a Zeiss AxioImager microscope (yellow path unmodified). UV light sources coupled via a UV liquid light guide and adapter (LGA-Z/UV).



Figure 2. Deep-UV modification of the fluorescence excitation path (magenta) of a Zeiss AxioObserver microscope (yellow light path unmodified). Deep-UV light sources are coupled to the microscope via a UV liquid light guide and adapter (LGA-Z/UV)

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