Movable objective microscope - MOM

The Movable Objective Microscope® (MOM®, Sutter Instrument®) is a two-photon microscope capable of imaging deep within living specimens when combined with a femtosecond laser. The MOM design is unique in providing three-dimensional objective movement and rotation allowing the specimen to remain stationary.


The MOM includes an inverted and an upright microscope with 0 to 180° rotation in one system setup.

The MOM includes an inverted and an upright microscope with 0 to 180° rotation in one system setup.



Two different MOM system configurations for laser scanning are available:

  • Linear Galvo-Galvo
  • Resonant-Galvo



  • Objective moves 22mm in X, Y and Z
  • Objective rotates about optical axis for imaging of non-horizontal surfaces and volumes
  • Customizable open platform design
  • Cambridge Technology conventional or resonant XY scanners
  • Two or four channel detector system with Hamamatsu PMTs and preamplifiers
  • Sutter PS-2/ PS-2LV dual channel PMT power supply
  • National Instruments / Measurement Computing based data acquisition systems


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2 channel 4 channel Short path (2 channel)

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The MOM is compatible with the Sutter MScan software or the ScanImage software.


The Sutter MScan software allows fast acquisition and a number of functions not available in the existing freeware packages like photostimulation and the ability to combine imaging with electrophysiological recording and photostimulation. Furthermore, MScan support fast scanning and constitute one platform to switch back and forth between conventional and resonant scanning.


The two-photon imaging software ScanImage was developed by Karel Svoboda and since 2014 it is a product of the Vidrio portfolio. The software is available as a basic and a premium version. The basic version will be provided with each MOM setup. It supports both versions of the MOM system setup the standard linear Galvo-Galvo and Resonant-Galvo combinations.



Technical specifications:


Travel: 22mm on all three axes

Resolution: MP-285 controller:  Low: 0.2 µm/step

High: 0.04 µm/step

MPC-200 controller: 0.0625 µm/step

Maximum Speed: MP-285 controller:  2.9 mm/sec

MPC-200 controller: 5.0 mm/sec

Long Term Stability: 1-2 µ/hour

Drive Mechanism: Precision worm gear capstan drive

Communication: MP-285 controller:  RS-232 Serial

MPC-200 controller: USB

Electrical: 115/230 volts

50/60 Hertz power line


Lamp Life:  1,000 hours (500 hour warranty)

Electrical: 115/230 volts

50/60 Hertz power line

Power Supply: PS-2/PS-2LV PMT 

Electrical: 115/230 volts

Scan Drive Controller: MDR-3/MDR-6/MDR-R 

Electrical: 115/230 volts

50/60 Hertz power line

Compliant to: RoHS




  • In vivo two-photon imaging
  • Electrophysiological recording and imaging (culture, large in vivo preparations, etc.)
  • Non-horizontal surface microscopy
  • Simultaneous retinal stimulation and two photon microscopy1


1 "Eyecup scope-optical recordings of light stimulus-evoked fluorescence signals in the retina", Euler et al., Pflugers Arch, 2008

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